Leadership Tips for the 20-Something CEOs

Tamara Dewi Gondo Soerijo
3 min readJun 14, 2020

The world is changing; more and more younger generation are in leadership positions. I talked to a friend in her mid-20s leading an ed-tech NGO, Generation Girl. I asked, “What do you want to reach by 2023? To train 5,000 teachers in 5 years and educate more than 5,000 students”, she said. I had no doubt Nadine is able to do that. Her vision is so compelling; she garners people around her movement.

Venture capitalists, mentoring programs, and wealth of resources have enabled 20 somethings to spearhead organization and movements. How can you, young

Tamara Dewi Gondo Soerijo

Tamara is CEO of Liberty Society. She loves to write on self-development and startup leadership. Her work immerses her deep in the NGO and social impact world.